A city councilman from northern California was formally charged for a February 20, 2012 incident that brought about a series of charges. According to the Modesto Bee, Jesse James White, a Riverbank, California councilman was charged with several felonies including driving under the influence, hit-and-run with injury and “permitting a child to suffer under circumstances likely to cause great bodily injury or death.”

This father of the year was driving drunk with his 4-year-old son in the C5 Corvette when he crashed into a parked vehicle. White attempted to flee the scene leaving his 4-year-old son in the car; fortunately bystanders were able to detain the councilman before he managed to disappear. Once police arrived they determined that White was under the influence and the breathalyzer results netted White a 0.24 (three times the legal limit).

White was on probation for a “wet and reckless” from 2008, the same year he was elected to the Riverbank City Council. The February 20, 2012 accident has community members calling for White to resign from his position as a city councilman. At the present time White has missed every council meeting to date, thus angering the mayor and residents of the community. During White’s first court appearance he pleaded not guilty to the charges and will face the court in month.

From the photos, it appears that the Corvette is not totalled, but perhaps it needs to go to a better home. Let’s hope the same happens for White’s unfortunate son as well, before dad’s lack of judgement gets him seriously hurt…