Custom Caravaggio Corvette From The Great White North

Caravaggio Corvettes is as close to a modern day coach builder as you’ll find in North America. You could also think of them like Saville Row, making custom tailored threads for America’s superstar sports car. Either way, they’re located just outside Toronto and have been creating high-end custom Chevy’s sports car since 1986 and have their chops down pat.

Owner John Caravaggio is well known in the Corvette hobby as a master interior guy and this customized C7 is making a big splash on the web. As we recently reported, a new C7 from Chevrolet is already the most configurable ‘Vette in history straight off the assembly line, but if you want to take it one step further, you need to look at Caravaggio’s latest creation.

The exterior color is best described as a buttery yellow with bronze wheels and carbon fiber accents. Look closely and you’ll see body colored A-pillars as well, the first time we’ve seen such an exterior “hack.” Inside, the interior treatment showcases what Caravaggio is all about. Every surface of this ‘Vettes cabin is swathed in cocoa and butter hues of Alcantara and furniture grade leather and a really great custom steering wheel as well.

Some poor bovine also sacrificed it’s hide for the fairings behind the headrests as well. An especially nice touch is the mocha colored carbon fiber trim on the dash and door pulls. This really works nicely and something GM should take note of.

The car looks like it started life as a standard roadster and then was fitted with Z06 wheels and fenders and an Edlebrock E-Force supercharger. More power along with upgraded creature comforts is a winning combination as far as we’re concerned.

The quality of Caravaggio’s work looks top notch. Disassembling a Corvette interior is tricky work and these guys have 30 years experience under their belts. Previous generations of Corvettes can always use a helping hand in the interior department and Caravaggio can reimagine your current ‘Vette as well.

For Corvette fans, a cool “couture” ‘Vette shop in Canada just may be another reason to visit our neighbors up in the “The Great White North.”

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Dave Cruikshank is a lifelong car enthusiast and an Editor at Power Automedia. A zealous car geek since birth, he digs lead sleds, curvy fiberglass, kustoms and street rods. He currently owns a '95 Corvette, '76 Cadillac Seville, '99 LS1 Trans Am and big old Ford Van.
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