Aside from a couple extra hours of sleep, a little humor is perhaps the best medicine for a case of the Mondays, and a not-so-crafty South Floridian has assisted us in providing said humor with this “thing” – that’s what we’ve opted to call it for lack of a better name or term – that was spotted during a test and tune session at the Palm Beach International Raceway on Saturday.

Beginning with a second-generation Corvette body, the owner of the “thing” took design cues used on many aftermarket import body add-ons to the extreme, placing an obnoxiously oversized rear wing on the tail to compliment the narrowed rear wheel openings, the sportscar-like front splitter, the spray painted blackouts on the windows, and of course, the duct tape on the left front fender. Unfortunately, the execution was even worse than the concept, with more craters in the bodywork than Neil Armstrong has seen in his day. Also of note are the drivers’ Converse driving shoes, which aren’t SFI-spec last we checked.

Word has it the medical crew were in the ambulance and track officials were in their vehicles, engines running, expecting the worst as the “thing” made it’s first passes. It reportedly made three “bad” passes, completely unrepresentative of the Pro Modified it’s attempting to mimic.