Custom Late-Model Corvette Wheels from Cray

Owing a post-82 Corvette can pose some challenges when it comes to picking out new running gear. Getting the right offset, width, bolt pattern, and compatibility with factory TPMS sensors all complicate the picture. Fortunately, the C4/C5/C6 market is big enough to support companies that specialize in only these cars, and that’s exactly what Cray Wheels does. No Mustang wheels, no Porsche wheels, no Ferrari wheels – not even 5th Gen Camaro wheels. Just Corvettes.

That specialization means that if you’re looking for something particularly wide or low profile for your ‘Vette, you can trust Cray to make sure they actually fit and clear on your particular car. An online configurator tool lets you see what any of the Cray designs will look like on your particular Corvette, too, taking some of the anxiety of making such a large investment in upgrading your rolling stock.

The Cray Wheels configurator tool lets you plug in the year and color of your Corvette, then see how it will look with any of their wheel designs and finishes.

A few advantages of the Cray Wheels lineup:

  • Accept OEM lug nuts
  • Perfect offset for Corvette applications
  • Hub-centric mounting
  • Corvette-compatible center caps
  • Accept OEM tire pressure monitoring system sensors

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