Custom C6 Corvette is Latest Car to Receive Chrome Wrap Treatment

When the process of plating steel with chromium (Cr) on automobiles first came into vogue during the 1920’s, few had any idea how far car companies and individual owners would go with this new-fangled “chrome.” In the fast-paced Fifties where there was no such thing as too much fin or chrome, but automotive brightwork fell out of favor for many years. But thanks to today’s process of “chrome wrapping” whole cars with reflective vinyl, could the luster of polished metal be making a comeback?

Honestly, we’re surprised it took somebody this long to think of chroming an entire C6 Corvette, and it wasn’t even Americans who did it. CorvetteBlogger reports that Czech company Tintek, also known as 3Dfolie,  undertook the ambitious project of wrapping an entire Corvette in chrome vinyl wrap.

Vinyl wraps sort of snuck up on the car industry, and they are becoming increasingly popular rather than paying for an expensive custom paint job. Even high end cars are opting for vinyl wraps, as Tintek has numerous other clients that have had their Nissan GT-R’s and Bentleys all wrapped up, though mostly in matte colors. This chrome Corvette is not the first shiny Chevy to pass through Tintek’s shop, as a brand new Camaro has also been chromified by these Czechs.

And you know what? It looks kinda cool. Very spaceshipy. Sort of like a high-horsepower UFO looking to do some warp speed drag racing. Though in all honesty, we could have done without the Lambo-doors. But to each their own… speaking of which, if you could chrome wrap any car, what would you choose?

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