1967 Corvette Sting Rey ~ 435 Horsepower from Eric Correia / In-Depth on Vimeo.

We’ll probably never really know precisely why the second generation of Corvette is coveted to the degree that it is, but it could have something to do with the split-window coupe body style that made the ’63 C2 famous, or the simple fact that the ’60s was the decade that first saw Chevy’s then-potent 427 stuffed into the motor space of a Vette.

Whatever the reason, the C2 was the first Vette generation to bring real homegrown muscle to the sports marquee, while creating for itself an almost “Euro-centric” style that gave the likes of Healey and MG a run for their money. Corvette’s street and race heritage was never realized as strongly with any other generation of Vette as it was with the C2 that lasted from 1963-67.

Our featured video of Eric Correia and his best friend, Kyle cruising a hot, ’67 Sting Ray convertible down Pacific Coast Highway in Newport Beach, California is a stark reminder of why we so cherish the C2 style. In the case of the 435-horse Sting Ray, it also serves as a nod to GM’s big-block past.

The authoritative scream of our featured Sting Ray smacks hard of 1960s muscle, and there’s no better place to show-off the cool C2 convertible then in Southern California where hot rodding first became a true commodity all those years ago.

If the cosmos work in your favor, then you just may be lucky enough to own one of these brutish, 2nd-Gen Vette classics. But until then, we’re always welcome to put down the top, crank up the tunes and go riding with Eric and Kyle!