We use dynos — both engine and chassis — to gauge the worthiness of modifications to improve horsepower. We also use them to verify boasts. That means a lot of engine builders and customers “race” their dynos. And just like in the real-world auto racing, there are accidents with bent metal and even a little personal injury. 

Some enterprising soul has rounded up 30 dyno fails and edited them into a six-minute YouTube video. Many of the slapstick incidents have been floating around the web for years, but there’s a few we haven’t seen. Also, some of the more spectacular engine-dyno explosions that EngineLabs compiled in the Top 10 YouTube video story didn’t make the cut.

Still, if you have a few minutes and need a laugh or two, or you just like flames, smoke and rattling noises, check out the compilation. Many of the segments are shot with low-res cameras or we’re looking at about the 50th generation of digital copying, so the quality isn’t always the best. That’s probably a generous way of helping cover up evidence that would lead to identifying the embarrassed!