Crazy Frenchman Moves to the US, Seeking Adventure in a C4

It seems that Vimeo has outstripped YouTube as the primary source of crazy, eccentric, indie and underground short films and clips of people the strange things that they do. The video on this page isn’t any different, and features a Frenchman by the name of Emmanuel Cecchet who recently moved to America to partake in the American way of automotive racing, among other things.

He enjoys racing with his 1990 Corvette so much that he went and started his own racing club. Called Frog Racing, it has only one member – himself – who enjoys racing with friends and their classic Corvettes just as much as Emmanuel does.

When asked why it’s called Frog Racing, he answers simply, “Because the British always called the French ‘frogs,’ so it made sense to me. I’m a frog.”

In the video Cecchet tells all about his Corvette – how he races it, why, where, and most importantly to him, with whom. To him, one of the most enjoyable parts of motorsport is spending time with his friends, and making new ones – just as long as you can get passed his ‘thick French accent,’ as he puts it.

All joking aside, this video is pretty cool and features plenty of racing action. We get a tour of Cecchet’s C4, inside and out, and get to see one of his buddy’s early C3 enjoy some autocross fun too. If you have a few minutes to kill, check it out!

When was the last time you've seen a Frenchman dressed in a Simpson Racing outfit jumping up and down like a frog? Thought so.

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