Crane Offers Their Blueprinted Replica Cams For Classic Muscle

One thing that can never truly be replicated from a late-model motor is the lumpy sound and feel that comes from an old-school performance cam. It’s the kind of sound that has become a signature of the late ’60s/early ’70s hot rod and muscle car scene, and there are so many running characteristics that are no longer prevalent following the invention of multiple engine sensors, fuel injection and other high-tech systems.

The issue is that original muscle car restoration has become more expensive now than ever before, and since original powerplants are also part of those costs it’s becoming increasingly important for some enthusiasts to restore their mill to factory-correct specifications.

Crane's Blueprint series cams are custom-ground to replicate the camshafts of the muscle era while using computer technology to maximize valvetrain life and overall performance.

When it comes to grinding camshafts to OEM standard while still smoothing out some of the default designs’ flaws, Crane Cams has revolutionized the performance bumpstick industry with their Blueprint cam series that copies original factory grinds while using the best in computer technology to maximize certain spots on each application’s individual performance curve.

This means, for example, that one may now build an original L79 motor, except using modern tools to improve what is already a great running mill. Not only are computers used in the camshaft grind process to maximize overall performance, but each Blueprint series cam is refined for increased valvetrain life.

Crane’s Blueprinted replica cams are offered in hydraulic or solid lifter, flat tappet versions. Each camshaft is also designed for the make of car specified, whether it be a Chevy or Ford, small or big-block.

Crane’s Blueprint series is not only designed to copy sound; such running dynamics as idle speed and compression are also taken into account. We live in a modern world, but if you’re in the market for a performance camshaft that’s straight out of the muscle era then Crane’s Blueprint series is the custom grind lineup that’s up your alley!

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