Crane Cams Provides Leading Service With Cam-Specific Tech Bulletins

crane_cams_4Whether you’re a weekend warrior, street and strip or hardcore drag racer, finding the right camshaft for you car’s powerhouse is a critical task. Not only will your decision affect your car’s performance and power, it will also affect the rest of your build, or other upgrades that you may have to consider. Thankfully, Crane Cams can help you make the right decision for your application the first time around with their camshaft tech bulletins, saving you the time, money and frustration of making the wrong choice no matter what you want to get out of your car in the long run.

crane_cams_2The Crane Cams legacy dates back all the way to 1953, when a young Harvey J. Crane took a recently purchased camshaft and began grinding it down in the corner of his father’s machine shop to remedy manufacturing inaccuracies and ultimately gain more power for his flathead Ford V8 hot rod. With Crane’s immense knowledge and talent, this first experience with grinding down a camshaft soon branched into a full-fledged business of grinding “home made” cams, that ultimately performed better than anything he’d bought previously. Racers and automotive enthusiasts alike took notice and quickly began to demand the superior workmanship of a Crane camshaft.

Sixty years later, Crane Cams houses the largest camshaft database in the industry, offering enthusiasts over 80,000 profiles to choose from.

In addition to industry-leading performance components, Crane Cams offers superior customer service and tech information to get your car set up perfectly.

crane_camsOn the Cam Tech Bulletins page, you’ll find resources for choosing camshafts and lifters for different engines and purposes, instructions on how to degree a camshaft and determine your camshaft’s distributor gear compatibility, as well as overviews on street performance camshafts, mechanical roller lifters and hydraulic roller cams. Crane Cams even provides helpful tips on how to identify your current camshaft and which cams would serve you best if you’re into that beloved rough idle many of us actively seek for our camshafts.

Whether you’re at the track every weekend or only on occasion, Crane Cams offers the camshafts and other performance products to get your car running in perfect order and stay that way. And with the added benefit of their tech bulletins and other tech information, you can be sure that what you’re putting in your car will rocket you to your goals in the least frustrating way possible.

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