Crane Cams knows the muscle car industry, in fact, they’ve been around since the early 50’s providing great quality and horsepower numbers to match.  If you own an iconic muscle car from the sixties or seventies and are looking for a cam from that era, a Blueprint cam might just be what you’re looking for. Crane Cams’ Blueprint camshafts are today’s link with horsepower and performance of that era. 

Each camshaft is an identical example of  the original camshafts used in the powerhouses that propelled GTO’s, S/S Chevelles, Road Runners, and Ford GT’s back in their hayday.  Their profiles have been smoothed by computers for increased valve train life and added performance. One of these camshafts would be an awesome choice for a true restoration.

Crane makes Blueprint camshafts for almost, if not, every GM, Ford, Mopar engine from the sixties and seventies. If you are confused as to which cam you should buy for your beast, Crane has you covered. They took the time to create a muscle car camshaft guide which can be found here.

The guide even tells you what the factory part number for that particular camshaft is, along with their part number, lifter type, and all of the durations. For example, if you had a Chevrolet V8 from 1967-1995 , a 427 to be specific, there are eleven choices of camshafts to choose from, all of which have different horsepower ratings and intake/exhaust lobe durations. These Blueprint Series Camshafts were designed for high compression ratio engines using high octane gasoline and they were also being used in cars with low end gear ratios. When building your motor, be sure to make the proper adjustments needed for the application.