Crane Cams has moved to a new location in Daytona Beach, Florida. The new location at 1830 Holsonback Drive effectively gives the company double the capacity of their previous facility.

Crane's new location at 1830 Holsonback Drive in Daytona Beach will allow the company to expand far beyond their previous building.

Sean Holly, Crane’s President and General Manager told Rod Authority that while the existing site where Crane was located would have been adequate for the year or so, the company was planning to expand the capacity and scope their operation in the near future.

The new location, which was already under consideration as the possible site, unexpectedly became available earlier than anticipated. Fortunately the opportunity to acquire the new location at this time meshed well with Crane’s current situation as well as the future plans of the company.

Mr. Holly also went on to tell us that the new space would allow the sales and customer services departments to expand by as much as 400% and allow Research and Development which is now located in Wisconsin to be expanded in Florida. These actions fall in line with the company’s stated intent to help expand the availability of manufacturing jobs in the Daytona Beach area.

When asked, “What’s next for Crane?”Holly said that products for circle track racing and LS applications will be expanded but would not give specific product information at this time. He also reiterated that Crane would continue upgrading its equipment and business processes while keeping all of the company’s production in the United States.