Have you ever wanted a C3 Corvette with an identity crisis problem? Well if you ever have at one point in your life, this C3 is for you.

With not much information on the Craigslist post, besides the fact that it has thirty-plus modifications, it makes us curious why this build was even started. The seller wants $25,000 for the car completed with no engine, $30,000 with an engine, and $35,000 with engine and paint. We have no clue why the asking price is so high for a C3 with no engine and a wonky body kit, but hey, A for effort!

Buying a car like this, not for $25K-plus, mind you, could make for an awesome sleeper build – just think about it. Bringing something like this out to the drag strip for an open run-what-you-brung session would be great, because the guy next to you will be laughing too hard to make a good launch and you’ll take the win. Or, you could actually put a great engine in it and leave it as is and just spank the competition (while they’re still laughing).

No matter how you look at the car, it’s good for something! That something could be an interesting street build, creepy drag build, possible road race build (check the aero kit, bro!), or great bonfire material. If you are interested in this project and don’t like to read a lot of information about the car, then this C3 is for you – the Craigslist ad can be seen by clicking here. And if you live in or near Dallas, TX, you’ll thank us later.