Craigslist Find: Worst. Corvette. Ever.

Skulls. Skulls everywhere…

There have been some horrible, horrible atrocities done to Corvettes. One that immediately comes to mind is the infamousDragon Corvette” – according to legend, rather than part with his beloved C6 in a divorce, the owner intentionally reduced the value of the car as close to nothing as possible while leaving it still completely drivable.

This, however, is something else entirely. Found on Craigslist for Boise, Idaho, this appears to be an honest example of car customization. Horrible, horrible customization… But lest you think this car is all show and no go, here’s the list of go-fast parts:

1.Added full new Billy Goat exhaust with long tube headers and fast flow catalytic converters.

2.Installed 4 bosh new censers for the exhaust

3.Installed a velocity stack inside the throttle to create thicker air turbulence

4.Installed a straight coupler to the intake with a titanium wide mouth air flow system attached with two high flow racing filters. Included is two electrical turbos that are operated by toggle switch located inside the car next to the auto shifter. These are activated above 50 miles per hour.

5.The original cooling fan system has been replaced with twice the cooling capacity to keep the engine very cool during hot days or racing.

6.A high performance mass air flow chip was added to the system followed by a JMD chip directly connected to the computer port for power and efficiency.

7.The corvette computer has been downloaded with a Diablo tuner designed specifically for this corvette

8.The coils updated by MDS 45,0000 volts and wires and plugs up-dated to the best on the market.

9.It has a Bose stereo system supported buy 2-10inch sub woofers with a power capacitor (currently disconnected).

In a burst of wishful thinking, the seller states that despite not having the car dyno tested, “it should be around the 700hp mark.” In an even bigger burst of wishful thinking, she’s asking $20k for a car that has been drastically devalued by all the added crap.

Of course, the internet is merciless and swift, and it was only a matter of hours before the listing got pulled, presumably due to the white-hot flames of scorn undoubtedly raining down on this poor seller.

Good thing we grabbed a screen cap for posterity, though…

Click to enlarge, if you dare…

Did we mention there’s a walk-around video, too? Better watch it while you still can…

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