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Craigslist Find: Should They Have Just Left This ’64 Corvette Alone?

We always say that cars are a matter of taste, and what is appealing to one person might be appalling to another. Some things we can generally agree upon – the timeless beauty of the second-gen Corvette, for instance. Near perfect in proportion and detail, it can be ranked among the most classic and most recognizable designs in the history of sports cars.

But, not everyone is satisfied with having a car that looks like any other car, and feel the need to customize even a classic design to match their own vision of what a Corvette should look like. A case in point is the 1964 convertible we found on Craigslist. From the description, you might be encouraged – low mileage, a reasonable price tag, what sound like period-correct upgrades to the drivetrain and rolling stock…

Then BOOM! You see the pictures…

Eggplant purple paint with white pinstripes, hideaway headlights ditched in favor of fixed quads in the grille, and proportions that aren’t quite right.

We can’t be sure, but it appears that the car is being driven by some sort of lizard man…

As always, we leave the final judgement to you, dear reader. Is this custom Corvette full of win, or would the world be better off had it never been altered from its showroom appearance?

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