Yes, a 1974 C3 Corvette Stingray with a diesel engine, you read that right, and no, of course it didn’t come off the production line with that engine.

What you are looking at is the lovechild of a 2002 Volkswagen diesel of some sort and a C3 Corvette – pretty uncanny combo, huh? We found this little gem via our friends at CorvetteBlogger and soon found out that it is for sale in Connecticut. We’re not sure who exactly, would buy it, but it would make for a really cool conversation piece while sitting at a stop light.

As we stated above, the engine is from a 2002 Volkswagen diesel – it is a 1.9L inline four cylinder engine mated to a five-speed transmission out of a Toyota truck (most likely a 22R-style transmission). The seller states that the engine and trans combo are connected via an Acme Adapters adapter plate – that’s a mouthful to say.

There’s not much info given on the Craigslist post, other than the fact that new tires were installed last fall and that it gets a claimed 55+ miles per gallon. The seller states that the car is a blast to drive – we can only hope that it’s more exciting than the 195 hp 350 ci small block that the car came with.

Overall, this looks like it could be a cool restoration project for anyone who is willing to tackle a little bit of paint, fiberglass, and interior work. The seller wants $6,000 for his VW diesel-powered C3 Corvette Stingray – someone swoop it up and give it some new life!