Craigslist Find: “Free Rides in My Corvette – Women Only…”

Caution: Probably not the poster's Corvette, and definitely not a previous "satisfied customer"

Caution: Probably not the poster’s Corvette, and definitely not a previous “satisfied customer”

The free internet classified site, the go-to destination for anyone looking for a used car, a job, free furniture with distressing stains, or some sweet, sweet ‘lovin in the “personals” section, has turned into a never-ending source of entertainment for car enthusiasts. Usually that takes the form of questionably customized cars or ridiculous descriptions, but occasionally you get somebody thinking outside the box, like one Knoxville poster.

craigslistSeems that he’s a traveling salesman, has a Corvette (vintage not specified), and would like some companionship on jaunts outside the K-ville area. “If you are willing and we’re able to work something out then I am offering rides at no charge and will even pay your traveling expenses along the way,” he says, adding, “Females only” at the end for the creepy cherry on top.

He (and we are assuming it’s a “he,” though there’s no way to be sure) also states that due to the large volume of replies he gets, he might not answer right away, or at all. When taken as a whole, we’re really hoping this post is a gag rather than a real offer, because if it’s not, it seems like an invitation to be raped, murdered, and turned into a skin suit, maybe not in that order.

awkward_moment_Strangers_vetteSo whaddya say, ladies in the reading audience – do you have the rare combination of love for Corvettes, need for transportation, and total disregard for personal safety necessary to take advantage of this offer? If you do, then get your affairs in order, find somebody to take care of your cat while you’re gone, and let us know how it works out…

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