Craigslist Find: Crashed 2009 ZR1 with “Clean Title”

This isn’t the first ZR1 to bite the dust, and we doubt it will be the last. Scratch one ZR1 off the list of survivors…

We all would love to own a C6 ZR1. With 638 horsepower on tap, ranking among the highly coveted supercars in the world, it’s safe to say it should be on anybody’s short list of dream cars. Having said that, it would be hard for us not to drive it like we stole it, but on the flip side, we would have such respect for a machine like that, that we would probably pamper it. 

The obvious front damage makes the car a total loss, but factor in the deployed airbags, and it seals the deal. What a shame.

Apparently that’s what the owner of this 2009 example has done since he bought it brand new four years ago, with one notable exception. It only has 5,400 miles on the odometer, and appears to be still completely stock. It’s currently offered for sale on Craigslist for the sum of $40,000 – but there’s a catch. It’s been totaled. It’s a shame too, because with such low miles, it’s essentially a brand new car despite its actual age.

How did this even happen? The owner/seller’s description points out only that the car went into a ditch, but doesn’t say why or how. Maybe he was late for a date? Or perhaps he was in a rush to donate some blood at a children’s hospital? We tried to reach the seller for comment to no avail. Either way, what a bummer.

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