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Love classic Corvettes, but hate the way the greenskeepers get angry and chase you with rakes when you drive your C1 down the fairway at your local golf course? Then we have just the thing for you… From the bottomless wellspring of fun called Craigslist, we bring you this gem of a listing.

Styled to resemble a first-gen Y-body, this custom electric vehicle features “Cragers”, billet pedals and “sterring” column, and an ice chest under the hood. One thing it doesn’t have, though, is any visible way to carry golf bags, making this really just a “cart.”

The upholstery looks pretty nice, we'll admit...

The upholstery looks pretty nice, we’ll admit…

Craigslister Chad does specify new batteries, though – one of the major expenses in cart maintenance is a replacement battery pack, which can run to four figures, so it’s good to not have to worry about that particular expense. But is six grand a reasonable price for what is basically an overgrown Powerwheels Barbie Corvette?

If you live in a community that allows these kinds of vehicles on the street, perhaps it would be a good way to get to the corner bodega to pick up a sixer, then transport it home in chilled style with that built-in ice chest. Or, if you have a Pro Mod Corvette drag car, and no way to get it to the lanes, this would make for a good tow vehicle.

Seeing as how our Corvette Online editorial HQ and Exotic Feline Breeding compound is technically in California’s Inland Empire, perhaps we should check it out in person. What do you think? Let us know in the comments…

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