If you ever find yourself bored, as we commonly are, then we have a fun little exercise for you. Go into your local Craigslist car classified section, and enter one word into the search bar; “custom.” Nowhere else on the Internet will you find such a variety of the hilarious, the horrifying, and the downright bizarre.

Yet on the Chicago Craigslist, we found a car/truck that is perhaps the best use of a C3 Corvette we’ve ever come across. It has been converted into a “trar,” a car on a truck body, and the job looks to have been professionally done. For the asking price of $15,000, this better not be some backyard hackjob.

Using a 1980 Corvette body, but titled as a 1987, there isn’t a whole lot of info to go on from this Craigslist posting. The seller claims the car was professionally built, and it is almost definitely a 4×4 considering one picture has the Corvette, in the snow, towing a snowmobile. Not something we’re exactly used to seeing, you know?

The seller also claims “big power” from the unmentioned engine, which really appears to be a Chevy 350 with a tunnel ram intake that sticks through the hood. Regardless though, this is the kind of ride that is impossible to ignore, and the addition of four-wheel drive makes it a lot more practical, especially for those living in Chicago.

But for $15,000, is the asking price too steep or this bizarre combination of sports car and four-wheeler?