Craigslist Find: A 1974 Corvette… Station Wagon?

The Chevrolet Corvette is not a family car, unless your family consists of just two people. Even then, fitting luggage for two into the trunk of a Corvette of any vintage is no small task, and sacrifices must be made to fit the necessities. But there are those Corvette owners are remain undaunted by the limited trunk space of the Corvette, striking out to make their ‘Vette a much more versatile vehicle.

So it is that we present, straight out of the heart of New England, a Craigslist Corvette that has been converted to a station wagon. Unlike previous Corvette station wagons we’ve seen though, this is a totally custom job, done by the owner, for the owner… and that makes it extra cool.

This 1974 Corvette comes to us from the Boston area, and make no mistake, this is one clean car. The seller claims to have personally restored this odd rod over the past five years, and it shows. Under the hood is a new 350 V8 crate engine with around 1,000 miles on it. The paint looks fresh and unblemished, and a new exhaust system surely provides for some sweet notes from the back end.

But the highlight of this ride is the custom-made station wagon rear end. The back hatch is gone, and in its place is a station wagon setup that probably makes reversing a bit more difficult than normal. That said, it also makes this Corvette a practical cross-country hauler, as trunk space has dramatically increased.

Unfortunately, the seller failed to put up pics of the inside of the conversion, but we must admit, at least from the outside, the job looks quite professional. The $25,000 asking price reflects the professionalism of the conversion, though, and that might be a bit too rich for a ‘74 Corvette. Then again, how many people can claim to drive a practical Corvette like this one?

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