Corvette’s Performance Data Recorder Could Come to Other Cars

data-recorder-2There are many cool features on the Corvette C7 that we wish came in other, more affordable cars. The fact of the matter is though that certain items, like the 450 horsepower LT1 V8 engine, are always going to carry a hefty price premium. Some features, however, could theoretically trickle down into lesser models for just a few extra bucks, including one of the coolest features on the 2015 version of the Stingray, the Performance Data Recorder system.

data-recorder-1The 2015 Corvette has exclusive first rights to this system, but eventually it could come to other Chevy vehicles or automakers once the agreement with Cosworth, developer of the technology, expires, reports Motor Trend. We’re pretty much counting on this system coming to the Camaro sooner rather than later.

For the uninitiated, the Performance Data Recorder uses the 2015 Corvette’s integrated performance measurement equipment, along with a rear view mirror-mounted camera, to record and store data from your track performance. The 720p camera records the video, and the data is automatically overlaid over the image, displaying information like speed, lap times, lateral gs, and RPM.

Current 2014 C7 owners will note that their cars already have a place for this camera, offset slightly to the right of center in the portion of the windshield header that mounts the rear-view mirror. Physically, the camera should be an easy retrofit for early adopters, but whether the electronics integration is as easy as a firmware update, or impossibly difficult is hard to know until somebody tries it.

The system was developed for the Corvette by Cosworth, who wouldn’t say how long the Chevy supercar has exclusive rights. Eventually though, the system could even become a standalone for buyers of older cars, though it is more likely to start showing up in competitor vehicles. Who wouldn’t want to show their friends all the thrills and spills from their latest Corvette racing escapade?


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