Corvette’s Birthday Celebrated with Photos of Vettes on Vacation

Been on vacation in your Corvette lately? What better way to celebrate Corvette’s 58th birthday than to visit American landmarks in America’s car? As we reported, USA Today recently asked for Corvette owners to submit photos of their cars on vacation to celebrate the birthday of the classic American muscle car. USA Today has since compiled over 200 owner-submitted photos into albums that will be featured on their website throughout July.

The albums are set to have individual themes each week. This week, photos of Corvettes visiting historic landmarks is the theme and features 44 pictures. This album showcases Corvettes all over the country, from Mt. Rushmore to Monument Valley, Talladega to the Alamo in Texas. Not surprisingly, there are many pictures of Corvettes in front of the National Corvette Museum. While most landmarks pictured are here in the States, some pictures were taken outside of the country- such as at the longest bridge in Canada and in Santa Rita, Guam where a US Submariner currently lives. One Corvette owner even took his car to France for its 50th birthday.

Some of the more unusual landmarks in the album include a 1930s Shell gas station, Gemini Giant and a UFO-shaped home built in the 1960s. Events like “Vettes and Jets on the Lex” and Cape Kennedy Corvette Club’s gathering at Cape Canaveral are also pictured.

Each image includes a caption explaining what the picture is of and, in most cases, who owns the Corvette. We don’t know what next week’s theme is going to be but we look forward to seeing more images of Corvettes on vacation.

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