Corvettes At Coachella – A Party With Everyone You’ve Always Hated

Despite the fact that everyone attending Coachella isn’t necessarily the demographic to purchase a 2015 Stingray, Chevrolet put on a party on the first weekend of the event filled with hordes of people to check out the newest Corvette.

Our first inclination while watching this video was to start throwing banana peels at the screen in the hopes that some of these people might fall down and out of the view of the camera, but as we got a little bit further in we realized that there were a number of celebs on the property, including the never-winning-an-Oscar Leonardo DiCaprio and Anthony Kiedis of the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

So now there are two folks we don’t want to hurt – but the rest of the video is filled with everyone you’d go out of your way to avoid if you ran across them in the wild. Big sunglasses, small dresses, and even a SOLO cup or two are visible. 

The Stingray Desert Pool Party at Bootsy Bellows (see, even the name inspires hate) has your favorite Jersey Shore wannabees, some footage of Corvettes on the makeshift track, and party people in the houseeeeee!

The interviewer asks a few of the attendees about their impression of the Stingray, but not one of them appears to have any semblance of a clue when it comes to the capabilities of the newest Corvette. Our favorite interview was the three-word sentence that got bleeped out – guess that’s what Corvettes are supposed to be, anyway. 

At least the video is in high-def and you get to hear a few Stingray exhaust notes as the cars fly by during the Stingray Performance Experience. Enjoy?

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