Corvettes at Carlisle Looking for 4×4 ‘Vettes

4x4-corvette-1Every year the little city of Carlisle, Pennsylvania is turned into the center of the Corvette universe for the annual Corvettes at Carlisle show. In years past Corvettes at Carlisle has always had a “theme” for its event, gathering the rare, wacky, and wild to be gawked at by Corvette lovers from across the country. While previous themes have focused on a particular model or a single unique Corvette, this year’s theme is a bit more, shall we say, DIY?

CorvetteBlogger reports that this year’s Carlisle theme is 4×4 Corvettes, every backyard mechanics’ dream car. The people who head Carlisle are reaching out for 4×4 Corvette owners to include them in the show, so tell your friends; there are more of these beasts out there than you might realize.

We’ve featured a number of lifted, 4×4 Corvettes on these hallowed pages in the past, and there is something infinitely appealing about taking a dedicated sports car and giving it an eight-inch lift with some serious mudding tires. It just makes the Corvette far more practical for anybody who has to deal with snow or dirt on a regular basis. Who doesn’t want to drive their Corvette in the middle of a blizzard?

This will certainly provide a unique and fun main concourse at the Carlisle event field this year, and who knows? Maybe we’ll see some recognizable Corvettes, like this mud-slinging ‘63 split window, or a C3 Corvette riding high above the competition on mudders. If you do know someone with a jacked-up ‘Vette, Carlise Events would love to hear from you. Send emails to Lance Miller at if you think you can attend the event, which takes place August 23-25 in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. Who knows, maybe we’ll even come home with a Corvette 4×4… you know, to see what all the fuss is about.


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