Corvettes and Swiss Fighter Jet: An Odd but Cool Meeting

What do you get when you mix a Swiss fighter jet and seven Corvettes of different generations? Yeah, we don’t really know either, but according to the reactions in a recent YouTube video, it must have been one exciting opportunity. Check out this odd, yet pretty cool meeting in the video above.


Images: Baro Barmettler via the Mirage III and F1 Facebook page

On April 27th, Chevrolet and the Swiss Air Force organized a meeting between seven different Corvettes, ranging from the first generation all the way up through the 427 Convertible, and a Mirage III fighter jet, once one of the premiere fighting forces of the Swiss military but retired from active service in 2003, at the Buochs logistical and operational base in Buochs, Switzerland. Why? Well, according to a post from Baro Barmettler on the Mirage III and F1 Facebook page, it was for a taxi demonstration for the aircraft.

Throughout the video, you can see six Corvettes flanking the fighter jet as it taxis down a runway, lead by the 427 Convertible.

This parade of sorts has quite a few spectators, as cameramen and passengers hop out of cars to take pictures and follow the fleet. When all is said and done, there are some great picture opportunities for the Corvette owners next to the fighter jet.

While we aren’t quite sure of the purpose of this taxi demonstration or why the Corvettes were involved, its an incredibly cool idea when you think about it. Not only are these American cars in Switzerland, they’re also being used to escort one of the finest fighter jets ever made. The only question is, why can’t we have stuff like this happen around here?


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