CorvetteBlogger Gets a Closer Look at Rare Black ’72 Stingray

There are rare cars, and then there are uber-rare cars, and the factory black ‘72 Corvette convertible that recently crossed the auction block at Mecum’s Spring Classic is definitely of the “uber” variety. Exactly how rare is this Corvette, you ask? Well, considering that black was not offered as an exterior paint color on the Corvette from 1970 through the 1976 model year, it’s probably safe to say it’s one of only a few created, if not the only “original” black Corvette from between those years and chances are you won’t ever see another one like it. Luckily, our friends over at CorvetteBlogger were able to track down the car after a no-sale at the auction for a more in-depth look at this incredibly unusual Corvette and have tons of pictures to ogle over.

The black ‘72 Corvette is not just a repainted classic, nor is it the product of a factory mess-up. The car was actually special ordered with its current and original black paint scheme by GM President at the time, Pete Estes and it has all the proper documentation to prove it. Now the car belongs to Guy Larsen, Bloomington Gold’s new owner.

Because the Corvette was a special order car in 1972, it got the works as far as options go, equipping the car with things like air conditioning, power brakes and an automatic transmission. With its original paint still intact, just slightly worn over the last 40 years and the car’s original 54,000 miles, this car is one historic gem.

For more information and pictures of this rare black Corvette, be sure to visit CorvetteBlogger.

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