If you haven’t heard of the Moscow 500+, you aren’t alone. Thanks to a 47 minute long YouTube video, found by our friends at Jalopnik.com, we can all see what this race is all about. Although the video is a bit long (and in Russian!), the thrill of the races is fully captured. For those of us who don’t speak Russian, the producers of the video went to the trouble of putting English subtitles in, allowing us to be able to understand the race announcements and competitor’s trash talking.

The Moscow 500+ is held every year, pitting supercars against one another. Equivalent to the Texas Mile, racers at the Moscow 500+ compete against one another for standing quarter mile and mile times.

Although the race is a Russian event, many participants raced American cars. In September of 2010, many Corvettes and their owners made appearances at the race. A custom ZR1 can be seen in the video losing ever so slightly to a Koenigsegg, a Swedish supercar, about five minutes in. The same ZR1 significantly beats a Viper around 25 minutes in. ZR1s were also pitted against each other.

Just like in the states, the trash talking and excuses for why some participants didn’t win are over the top. In addition to the races and braggadocio, the video also captures some of the work that participants have put into their vehicles and some discussion from the creators of the race. At the end of the video, racers are recognized for their track times and some are given trophies for their accomplishments on the strip.