Corvette ZL1 Replica to be Auctioned off at Mecum

The 1969 Corvette ZL1 was the most expensive and rarest Corvette created back in the day. Only two production Corvettes were equipped with the rare all-aluminum L88 427 CI engine based on the Chaparral Race Car engines. Because they are so rare, finding a ZL1 is nearly impossible. This is why creating replicas is the easiest and cheapest way to go if you want the “ZL1 experience.” One of these replicas popped up recently as part of the upcoming Daytime Auction in Monterey, California.

This  ZL1 replica was originally manufactured as a big block car, making the replication process a little bit easier for its creator. It also came with radio delete and side exhaust. Just like the ZL1 Corvette that inspired this replica, the car originally came in Daytona Yellow with a black interior. Both the interior and paint were completely redone upon completion of the mechanical restoration process, giving the car a straight-from-the-factory look. The replica comes with new Firestone tires, starter, condenser and battery. To top it off, the car’s electrical system was recently gone through and the replica was tuned for optimal performance.

While this isn’t the real deal, the replica allows the ZL1 spirit to live on for a fraction of the price. We’re sure that this car will get plenty of attention from ZL1 fans. In addition to the replica, the winning bidder will receive a Hot Wheels ZL1 model, many manuals, books and magazines about the ZL1 Corvettes. If you want to bid on the replica, it will cross the auction block on Friday August 19th at 4:55p.m. Keep in mind that a new ZL1 engine is available for this car with 1969 specifications but it doesn’t come with the car.

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