Corvette with Rolling Stones Theme Offers Satisfaction

It’s hard to argue the fact that the Rolling Stones are one of America’s favorite Rock ‘n Roll bands. With huge hits starting with Satisfaction and then a streak of top notch studio albums starting in 1968 – Beggars Banquet,  Let It Bleed, Sticky Fingers, and Exile on Main Street – that rival any other group’s, there is no band performing today that can compare.

And since the Corvette is America’s favorite sports car, wouldn’t it be cool if a mad scientist combined the two to create a hybrid? Or would it be rendered as some kind of genetic monster?

I can Almost Hear You Sigh as you check out this YouTube video shows what looks to be a 1968 C3 Paint It Black with a matching “Caravette” trailer, both with Rolling Stones murals. If you can ignore the Steve Miller Band that’s emanating from the speakers of the car cruise deejay, you’ll also notice an airbrushed Andy Warhol/Mick Jagger tongue. As far as the Vette itself is concerned, it has sidepipes, American Racing wheels, and a blower on top of the scooped 427 hood.

Is this one of those “WTF” cars? Personally, it fails to Start Me Up, but it’s also some Salt of the Earth‘s pride and joy, so in that regard it should be respected even if the Hand of Fate has given this C3 a purpose different from what you’d plan for it.

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