Finding your perfect car through a classifieds website can be almost impossible, but with Corvette Trader Online’s newly redesigned format, Corvette enthusiasts can find the car they’re looking for more easily. With new features, easy-access information and exclusive dealer programs, Corvette Trader Online seeks to be the leading website for Corvette classifieds. Thanks to PRWeb for announcing the new revamp.

Corvette Trader Online was launched in 2006 to give Corvette enthusiasts a place to find and advertise their Corvettes. From ’50s roadsters to sixth-generation Z06s, there are hundreds of Corvette classified ads posted each year. Since its launch, the website has received over 2 million visitors and many more are expected now that the new website has been launched.

The newly redesigned website makes finding the exact year and model of Corvette for buyers easier than ever. With popular Corvette listings right on the homepage, visitors to the website can designate which era of Corvette they’re looking for. If you want a specific year or amenity , you can also use the search options to narrow down your results to the cars meeting your exact criteria. Searching for Corvettes by proximity to your location is another option available through the new website.

More options for Corvette dealers are also a part of the revamped website. Dealers can now get discounted monthly rates for ads and enhanced viewing options when they list eight or more cars on the site at one time. The new dealer options also include a link back to the dealer’s website on Corvette Trader Online’s homepage and a company banner ad on the dealer’s information page. Data feeds from companies like CarThink, HomeNet and NetLook will also be available.

In addition to providing a website for classifieds, Corvette Trader Online also has an online store. Corvette care products, car covers, floor mats and clothing are just a few things that can be there. Featured Corvettes and information found on the website add to Corvette Trader Online’s credibility and value in the Corvette sales market.

The saying is “go big or go home” and that’s exactly what Corvette Trader Online is doing. With a goal to become the number once source for Corvette classifieds, the new website launch will surely help.