Car enthusiasts have a strange relationship with the C4 Corvette. Once the pinnacle of American automotive performance, these days a well-kept C4 Corvette can easily be had for $8,000 or less. While in the eyes of collectors and car snobs this makes them kind of undesirable, for those of us working with a budget, buying a C4 Corvette is a great start to building a custom car with huge aftermarket support while still remaining financially responsible.

Hooniverse came across this custom purple 1987 Chevy Corvette on the streets, meaning somebody gets up and drives this ridiculous ride, at least on occasion. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but there is no denying that this C4 Corvette just screams “mid-eighties.”

So where do we start? Well how about the custom hood, which looks like somebody flipped a plastic Wal-Mart sled upside down before bonding it to the bonnet. We can’t tell you if those hood or side vents are functional, but we’re pretty sure the oversized spoiler is for looks only. For what it is worth though, we actually like the low-key, three-spoke chrome wheels. (Editor’s note – DeMorro, you’re alone on this one. Speak for yourself)

With an outlandish purple paint job though, we’re not surprised that the owner decided his Corvette needed some gold accents, specifically on the door handles. As if that isn’t tacky enough, this Corvette has all sorts of ridiculous stickers applied to it, including an “Air Force One” sticker across the trunk lid. We’re pretty sure the President of the United States can do better; no offense. Truth be told, this car most closely resembles a giant, rolling Nexium capsule…

But you know what? This is exactly what the C4 Corvette is good for these days. Sure, this ‘Vette may not be to everyone’s taste, but if the owner is happy, then that is all that really matters, isn’t it? We have a hard time believing anybody could be miserable driving such a cheery Corvette.