The missing link in a master thief's brilliant plan - an escape route! Photo:

No doubt, getting yourself “stuck” inside a C6 Corvette with a dead battery thanks to the electric door release feature is embarrassing. However, the Corvette’s unique locking feature does have its advantages, as one Canadian C6 owner found out. It turns out not only does the feature deter thieves, it also traps them when their not-so-brilliant antics put them inside a stalled car, according to the Prince George Free Press.

We’ve seen many cases where C6 drivers have gotten themselves “stuck” inside their cars with dead batteries. You might remember the case of an elderly man getting trapped inside his ZR1 in April or the man who was caught on video having a fit after getting himself trapped in a Z06 back in May. But it’s not just Corvette owners getting stuck inside the cars, it is also uninformed wanna-be car thieves.

After charging his Corvette’s battery around 3 p.m. on Sunday, a Canadian man was in his garage when he noticed a potential thief jump in his running car. Upon getting inside, the suspect, who has not been named yet, locked the doors and windows as he proceeded to try to drive away. Unfortunately for the young man, the manual transmission proved to be too tricky for him and he stalled the Corvette (you can probably see where this story is going).

With a dead battery, doors and windows that wouldn’t open, and a car that wouldn’t start, the suspect started using anything he could find to try to break the windows. First he tried to use an anti-theft device from the car, then a hatchet he had with him and finally a screw driver. Once police arrived, the 21-year-old suspect was freed from the car and taken into custody.

This case just goes to show that if you aren’t smart enough to operate a C6 Corvette, you probably shouldn’t try to steal one. But, then again, who are we kidding – what person trying to jack a running car from someone’s driveway is very bright anyway?