“Hey y’all watch this!” was probably not what this Corvette driver uttered as the car skidded off the icy roads of Woodridge, Illinois.  Thanks to the Woodridge Patch for the original story and to NBC Chicago for the image.

According to Woodridge Police Department Management Analyst Kate Croteau, the driver lost control of the car on Wednesday morning. The ‘Vette plowed through a wooden fence and came to a rest in an icy swimming pool.

Despite landing in a polar bear’s bathtub the driver was uninjured. Currently, there are no estimates on the damage done to the car and pool, but let’s hope the driver had good insurance.

From the location of the slide, it looks like the car landed in the shallow end of the pool, but it still had to be quite a shock climbing out a nice warm car and into the icy water.

A tow company dispatched a wrecker to remove the wet ‘Vette from the pool. Eventually, a second truck was called in to assist with the recovery of the car. Neighbors gathered around the home to watch the entire process.

Performance car enthusiasts would be well advised to leave their rides in a climate-controlled garage during weather like this. Tragedy can strike down a good ‘Vette at any time, so quit tempting fate and buy a winter beater. Somewhere there is a cheap Cavalier for sale, just wanting to crash into a snow bank or a pool.