tri-5If you ask us (and since you’re reading this, we assume you value our opinion enough not to click away), the 2014 Corvette Stingray looks plenty sexy as-is. No amount of fiberglass filler or carbon fiber body kits can improve on the look of this amazing car, though that doesn’t stop the aftermarket from trying. “Go big or go home” is the motto of many, and these kitted-out C7 Corvettes from Forgiato speak to the kind of person who thinks they always know better.

So while we think the 2014 Corvette looks good enough as-is, this body kit (along with Forgiato wheels, of course) is bound to speak to some Stingray owners. Is this a better version of GM’s best, or an ostentatious statement of American excess?

Painted in impossible-to-ignore shades of orange, red, and blue, this trio of 2014 Corvette convertibles offers a glimpse at what the ecstasy dealers and real estate moguls of Miami might drive. The flared fenders take up ever more of the road than the Corvette really needs, and the color-matched wheels let the world know that you can afford this kind of color coordination.

Even though all three ‘Vettes have the same body kit, Forgiato gave them different kinds of 22-inch wheels, with the blue one laced up in Maglias. Meanwhile, the orange ‘Vette gets 22-inch F2.04s, while the red one rolls wickedly with F2.19s. Last year Forgiato sold a similar widebody Stingray coupe for $150,000, which is about what we expect each of these droptops to sell for. Good thing the real estate and drug business is booming…