Sales have been steadily improving over the past year for General Motors thanks to increases in sales volume for both the 5th generation Camaro and the Corvette. Corvette Blogger provided a detailed accounting of the sales figures for the Corvette, while Camaro5 covered the same information regarding the Camaro. While sales incentives by the manufacturer may have increased the total number of cars sold in the month of February of 2011, there are some other factors in play.

Corvette Blogger speculates that free driving school promotion at Bondurant or Spring Mountain with a Corvette purchase may have influenced sales. It seems like an excellent partnership which may help save a few ‘Vettes from the body shop or the wrecking yard, along with teaching the new owners how to handle their factory-fresh C6. The promotion may have very well influenced the 53% percent improvement in sales, with 955 Corvettes sold in February of 2011 compared to 624 sold in the same month of the previous year.

Despite a decrease in sales volume for the Camaro from last year, the Camaro is still holding its own against the Mustang and the Challenger. Camaro5 reported that 6,245 Camaros sold in February of 2011; the total Camaro sales were only 679 less cars than the combination of sales for both the Mustang and Challenger.

Regardless of the economy it seems that GM’s performance oriented cars are selling well against the competition. Both Corvette Blogger and Camaro5 have even more detailed information on their sites regarding the sales figures. With spring on the horizon and the convertible version of the Camaro recently released, sales should continue to climb. Even though the driving school promotion has ended for the Corvette, there are interest rate incentives that may continue influence sales in the upcoming months.