Corvette Sales at Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction Hit $1.98M

When it comes to finding rare, show-quality or unique classic cars, you can’t really beat Barrett-Jackson’s Palm Beach Collector Car Auction. Not only will you find some of the best of the best there, you’ll also find dozens of collector cars for sale all in one place. And where there are collector cars, there are always some fine Corvettes. As we found out from CorvetteBlogger, that statement proved to be true at this year’s Collector Car Auction held just last week, with 39 Corvettes crossing the auction block. While there weren’t as many Corvettes at this year’s auction as there have been in the past, the American sports car proved to be a crowd favorite, bringing in over $1.98 million collectively.

This 1959 restomod Corvette sold for $203,500 at the Barrett-Jackson Palm Beach Collector Car Auction last week Image: Barrett-Jackson

The Corvette offerings at the Palm Beach auction were as classic as to be expected, with cars like a 1954 roadster, 1975 L82-equipped convertible, and matching 1957 and 2007 Corvettes being sold. While there were plenty of Corvettes to pick from, the top sale went to a 1959 restomod with an LS1 under the hood, which sold for $203,500. Other Corvette sales ranged in price considerably with some not even breaking the $20,000 mark and many selling from around $30,000 to $50,000. The price that all 39 Corvettes brought totaled $1,988,525.

For a complete list of the Corvettes that crossed the auction block and the prices that they brought, check out CorvetteBlogger’s full article. They have each Corvette nicely listed out with year, style and purchase price on their website for your viewing pleasure.

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