Corvette Racing Deploys New Inflatable Paddock

This weekend the Corvette Racing team will descend on Sebring, Florida for the annual 12 Hours of Sebring race. Though they’re no longer racing under the American Le Mans flag, the new Tudor USSC racing series is every bit as competitive as the series it replaced. This means plenty of cutting-edge technology, both on and off the track.

Photo Credit: Leo Parente

For once we’re writing some new technology from Corvette Racing that has nothing to do with the Corvette itself. Instead, as CorvetteBlogger reports, the latest bit of high-tech gadgetry is an inflatable dome paddock that gives the two Corvette Racing Teams a lot more space to work with… literally.

The old system used a traditional, pole-supported tent setup between the two transport trucks that divided the paddock in half between the two Corvette Racing C7.R race cars. This took a lot of much-needed space, so the team came up with a clever solution; inflate a tent-like structure that’s tethered to the two trucks.

The result is a lot more open space for the Corvette Racing team to work with, which helps smooth the often-hectic flow of the mechanics and support crew that keep the cars on the track. It’s little things like this that can make a big difference over the course of an hours-long race, and show the depths of the Corvette Racing team’s ingenuity.

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