Corvette Owner Stalked, Burglarized Because Of Car?

There are few criminal groups more loathsome than car thieves. More often than not, these well-organized gangs will steal, chop, and sell your car piecemeal in a matter of hours, costing you untold cash and grief as you try to recover from the loss of personal mobility. Apparently there are even niche groups of thieves specifically targeting nice classic cars, like a plot from a Hollywood movie.

A recent thread over at the Corvette Forum details how one particular member was boldly burglarized by some brigands who may have followed his car home. Is nothing sacred these days?

Corvette Forum member ‘redzone’ from Concord, North Carolina describes how on a recent night, both he and his son were awakened around 2 AM to the home security system going off. The back door was busted in, but the burglars didn’t make off with anything. Brazenly, the would-be thieves returned and struck again, this time cutting the power and the telephone lines to the house. Again, the criminals got away with nothing, but the storm door was found propped open.

Come to find out, there have been at least five other break-ins in the neighborhood, with the police telling the victims that thieves have been following nice cars back to their homes. No arrests have been made, but the police aren’t likely to let these criminals get away with this kind of aggressive break-in to occupied homes. Still, you might want to keep an eye out around your own neighborhood next time you take the ‘Vette, or any nice ride, out for a cruise.

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