Corvette Online Welcomes PerTronix to Our Family of Sponsors!

Corvette Online would like to take a minute to introduce you to yet another new member to our family of sponsors; one that many of you are likely already familiar with; PerTronix Performance Products! PerTronix is based out of San Dimas, California and has been manufacturing top-notch ignition products for over 40 years. PerTronix has the honor of being able to say they were the first manufacturer to patent and sell an electronic ignition system to replace the undependable points and condensers in traditional distributors. Their early designs were focused on industrial markets, but automotive enthusiasts quickly caught on to the performance advantages of their new ignitions, and PerTronix eventually became the automotive performance powerhouse that it is today.

PerTronix CD ignitions are perfect for Corvette resto-modders who want the performance and reliability of a modern ignition, but want to keep a factory original look under the hood. Their popular “Ignitor” module replaces your Corvette’s unreliable points, and fits neatly under the distributor cap, with no need for an external box. However, if you’re looking for all out performance for your Vette, look into PerTronix Flame-Thrower plug-and-play HEI Billet Distributors and Second Strike Ignition Boxes.

PerTronix doesn’t just do ignitions. You might be surprised to know that PerTronix is the parent company of several popular performance exhaust companies as well , including Patriot Exhaust, Smithy Mufflers, JBA Performance Exhaust, and even Doug’s Headers! Check out PerTronix’s website to see all the great performance parts they offer for your Corvette, and take a minute to tell them thanks for joining the Corvette Online family!

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