Having rap artists flaunt how filthy rich they are, or at least how rich they want you to believe they are in their music videos, is nothing new. Usually, this type of practice goes something along the lines of using handfuls of cash, bottles of Cristal and fancy cars, and this video we found is right in line with the rest in that sense. The only difference is that we’ve never heard of an artist by the name of ‘Tommy Corvette’ and if that’s not cliché enough for, you should watch the music video for “Black On Black On Black” above (warning: NSFW language). And don’t say we didn’t warn you how ridiculous it is.

Only in America can a guy auto-tuned within inches of his own life and going by the name Tommy Corvette be classified as an “artist.”

Then again, maybe the name is just a ploy to get more views on YouTube because it’s blatantly obvious more people would be interested in the American sports car than any “music” created by this guy.

Fortunately, although the song is rather corny and very repetitive, the video offers a smattering of things most car guys are interested in – scantly clad women and nice cars. Just take the dude and his random rap tunes out of the picture, and we might have ourselves a decent video.

What do you think? Will “Black On Black On Black” be a hit or just one of those annoying songs that gets stuck in your head for the rest of the day like “It’s a Small World?”