The National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky is an absolute must-see for every American car enthusiast. With almost 60 years of Corvette history on display, the Corvette Museum has become more than just your typical historic institution. The Corvette Museum hosts some unique and creative events, and their summer Performance Tour has proven to be a popular vacation for Corvette fans.

So popular in fact, that reports that the Corvette Museum is putting on the third iteration of its Performance Tour this summer. Space is limited, and the price is steep, but the experience goes beyond what even we expected. And for $4,400 per-car, it had better.

The five day tour begins on July 18th at the National Corvette Museum and includes a tour of the Corvette Assembly plant across the street. From there the up to 40 Corvettes head north to Dayton, Ohio to check out the National Air Museum before heading to the Motor City itself.

While in Detroit, GM will host the participants to more factory tours, as well as a sneak peek at the super-secret Vehicle Engineering Center. The tour culminates with a day at Milford Proving Grounds, GM’s test track, which will include a chance to tackle the high-speed oval in a Corvette ZR1 at the Milford Road Course. You can read all the details over at the Corvette Museum website. Sure, it isn’t cheap, but the experience has been tailored directly towards Corvette fans, who we’re sure will appreciate the track time as much as walking through a museum.