In the car world, you’ll inevitably see guys and gals sporting tattoos of all shapes and sizes. Something you won’t see regularly, however, is a car with a “tattoo.” Recently, a Jalopnik reader found a Corvette sporting a tribal design from bumper to bumper. While non-traditional, the design definitely catches the eye and makes the car unique.

No matter what your opinion is about personal expression through body art, you can’t deny that most (not all) tattoos hold some sort of artistic value. Whether its stars, tribal designs or a symbol representing your favorite car, tattoos can say a lot about a certain person. The same goes for paint schemes and graphics on cars. Whoever did the design on the Corvette definitely invested some serious hours in their artistic expression. Unlike some tattoos, the design looks well planned and adamantly carried out.

According to Jalopnik, the tribal design on the Corvette was not permanent. To the readers relief, the tribal design smudged off slightly upon investigation. While we aren’t sure what kind of “paint” would smear with only the pressure of a finger, there is speculation that the tribal design was put on the Corvette using a black Sharpie.

Although this Corvette has been compared to the dreaded Dragon Vette, the tribal Vette actually looks decent. Whether the design is semi-permanent or meant to stay on the car forever, props goes out to the artist that pulled this tribal design off on a very non-traditional canvas.