If you’ve ever aspired to be on the cover of Forbes Magazine, or to even be mentioned in a snippet of a sentence on the inside, you know that the magazine is a big deal in the wealthy business world. Announcements in Forbes regarding cars are always interesting to us here at powerTV, especially when it means that one of our favorites, the Corvette, has made the top ten list of new car deals. While we have undying love for America’s sports car, we are excited that such an influential business magazine has taken notice to the sports car we’ve been behind since the beginning.

Keith Cornett of Corvette Blogger pointed out Monday that the Corvette made the list of Forbes’ “Top 10 New Car Deals in July.” The list is based off of incentives for new car buyers offered by manufacturers and focuses primarily on those incentives that give the consumer the most cash back or biggest discount on their purchase.

Because the 2012 Corvettes will be hitting dealerships soon, Chevrolet is offering impressive deals and incentives on the 2011 models. Offers like a $3,000 additional dealer discount, 1.9 percent financing for 60 months and 2.9 percent financing for 72 months were among the deals Forbes took notice of.

We’re glad that Forbes took notice of the incredible financing deals, but what about everything else that the Corvette offers? Well, Forbes took some notice in this area as well. In the explanation as to why the Corvette made the list, Forbes made mention of both coupes and convertibles being available as well as the 638 horsepower ZR1.

While we would have liked to have seen a bit more attention paid to the performance and styling that makes the Corvette America’s sports car, we’ll take what we can get with a mention in Forbes. While we’ll love it no matter what magazine it makes an appearance in, we’re excited to see the wealthy business community paying attention to this amazing ride.