Corvette Graveyard in Upstate New York

Cars come and go in our lives for various reasons, whether it be a change in lifestyle, a move to a different climate, or just changes in personal taste. With that being said, it is shockingly common to see cars abandoned in fields, barns, or various corners of America. These cars that lay abandoned in a field were at one point in their history someone’s prized possession. Think about it, most people don’t buy a brand new performance car off the lot that they hate, they buy the nicest performance car they can that also fits within their budget. They often “love” the car they are buying.

These once “loved” cars eventually end up in junkyards or abandoned in fields somewhere and it’s a weird phenomenon. For instance, Barnfinds located this Corvette graveyard in Upstate New York, and as you can see, at least four C3 Corvettes have long since been forgotten about. The subject of this piece is a young boy who rode his bike by this field early in his life and then years later went by the same field with his son! The Vettes were sitting there for that long – and it’s apparent with the tremendous overgrowth and degradation of the cars. 

While the C3 was in production for a long time and had some model years that were far less sought after, it still is strange to see four C3s sitting abandoned in a field after years of neglect – especially considering at one point in time, each one of those cars was the nicest performance car someone could find and afford.

If you have any information about this field of abandoned car, please let us know in the comment section below!

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