Ok, we added Jessica's destination in there, but isn't it appropriate?

Adults playing online games designed for children seems sick and wrong, but even in the Age of the Brony, we find the Corvette Girl Dress Up Game extra-disturbing. As a child I think I would have had issues playing the Corvette Girl Dress Up Game unless there were several red Solo cups of white zinfandel involved; this game is like anime on mushrooms with a touch of the borderline pornographic.

This game could be a possible attempt to get little girls into Corvettes (figuratively, not in the literal Chris Hansen, To Catch A Predator type way.) Regardless of the purpose or inherent lack there of, this game is about as exciting as watching paint dry, but I am not 7-years-old either.

It seems like this game is like an online “hoodrat” training program, thanks to the variety of adult-entertainer-inspired costumes. These costumes, detachable hairstyles, stripper heels and bling bling jewelry are all about accessorizing, but the Corvette was not left out of the make-over madness either.

Players can choose from a nauseating Pepto pink or bright yellow hue on what appears to be a C6; but in true tasteless fashion players are given the opportunity to pick a decal for the hood. Once a player has completed the dress up portion, the creative masterminds behind this game announce “Excellent job! Jessica is now ready to drive,” but what needs to be added to that sentence is “to work at the strip club.”