Corvette Driver Plows Into 83-Year-Old’s Home

“With great power, comes great responsibility.” Those are the wise words of Uncle Ben, Spiderman/Peter Parker’s tragic relative. These words don’t just apply to geeky superheroes though. It applies to anybody who drives a powerful sports car. Yes, burnouts and driving “aggressively” can be very fun until somebody loses an eye. Or in this case, the front wall of their house.

Rene Zendajas, a local Emmy-winning Puppeteer who worked on the ABC-TV show “Domingo” in Los Angeles, came home from his studio to find a Corvette embedded in his house reports the Burbank Leader.

It gets worse though. Zendajas, who was ready to go out and celebrate his 83rd birthday on the day of the crash, had also recently laid to rest his pet canary. The house has been in his family since his parents bought it back in 1951. The damage caused by the driver is estimated to be around $60,000, and until the damage is repaired, the home is unlivable. It is an unfortunate situation and alcohol may be been involved.

The car was being driven by 63-year old Pat Leeper, a Burbank resident. The speed on Zendaja’s street is 35 mph, but judging by the extensive damage to the small home, Leeper was likely going much faster than that. While the police allege Leeper was drinking at work, Zendajas seems to think the driver was merely disoriented from the severity of the crash. That is up to the courts to decide, but let it be a reminder to all you Corvette and other sports car drivers… use your horsepower wisely, lest you wreck your car and a complete stranger’s home.

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