According to ABC 7 WZVN, a defenseless C1 Corvette was damaged in the parking lot of a Englewood, Florida Walmart last week. Although there is little information about how what appears to be a Ford Taurus ended up mounting the C1, it is definitely one of the worst parking jobs ever documented.

Thanks to advent of modern technology, the aftermath and extraction of the Corvette was uploaded to social media and went viral from there. This parking lot failure required a tow truck to lift the offending Ford off the Corvette in order to separate the two vehicles.

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It seems as though the driver of the Corvette, took precautions by parking away from other vehicles as evidenced by the open parking spaces surrounding the scene of the accident. A tow truck was able to lift the Ford off of the driver’s side front fender of the C1 and the alleged driver, along with law enforcement, were able to push the ‘Vette free.

This poor ’59 sustained damaged to the driver’s side fender and hood, but the full extent of the destruction is not yet available. However, the alleged driver or owner of the Corvette remained remarkably calm during the entire video.

Most classic Corvette owners would not have the composure to keep their cool in a situation involving one the of worst Walmart parking lot horror stories of all time. After watching this gentleman’s debacle, it is better to leave the classics at home and take the beater to the discount chain store.