Friends and fellow Corvette Challenge racers gathered at Raceway Park in New Jersey to celebrate the life of Michael Conway. Conway was avid Corvette enthusiast and racer, who was tragically killed in a house fire. According to the Asbury Park Press Conway’s home was allegedly set on fire by Richard Busby, who was subsequently arrested and charged for murder, arson and a host of other crimes. Following Conway’s tragic death, fellow racers and friends decided to organize a memorial event at Conway’s local drag strip. His fellow racers took the time to remember their fallen friend with a memorial parade lap down the track.

Conway participated in the East Coast Supercharging Corvette Challenge Series with his 1986 C4 Corvette. Based on the number of Corvettes taking place in the memorial, it is safe to say that Mr. Conway was a great friend and respected Corvette racer.  In the Asbury Park Press article, Jeannie Linke (a fellow racer at Raceway Park) said, “He (Conway) was a great friend to all the drag racers and had a lot of success with drag racing.” Other friends recounted his appetite for performance, racing and the countless hours spent building Corvettes over the years. As hard as it may be to lose a friend and fellow racer, Conway’s Corvette family paid tribute to their lost loved one in a fitting fashion.