Corvette Central’s Project Split Mod Restoration

Plenty of companies claim to design and produce high quality restoration products for vintage Corvettes, but few are as dedicated to ensuring fit and finish like the guys at Corvette Central. Few venture as far as Corvette Central has with their Project Split Mod, a 1963 Split Window Coupe that was in need of restoration. Cartech contacted Corvette Central about writing a restoration handbook for the 1963 to 1967 Second Generation Corvettes, which worked out perfectly for the company’s ’63 C2.

Since the project commenced, Corvette Central has taken the time to document the progress of the ’63 on their website. During the process Corvette Central showcases their line of reproduction and restoration parts used on Project Split Mod. In its unrestored or unmolested state the vintage Vette suffered the ill effects of rust and age. With plan of attack formulated the ’63 was disassembled and the rust issues on the frame were dealt with thus completing the first two phases of this project.


With phase one and two complete, it was time assembly the chassis along with providing step-by-step installation of many of the fine parts offered by Corvette Central. This latest endeavor involved assembling the rearend, installing brake components and critical front end parts. Corvette Central took their time during the installation process to show the proper way and tools required to install front hub races and new front and rear wheel bearings; along with the detailed information regarding installation process the guys explained how to properly pack the bearings and the benefits of using a bearing packer.

Once this phase was complete it was time for the guys to start planning the next step in this ongoing project, which is every gearhead’s favorite part – engine selection. A 1986 L-98 engine that Corvette Central had laying around seemed to be ideal choice for Project Split Mod. Once everything was machined and prepped the engine was ready, leaving the readers to await the next chapter in the restoration.

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